* 27/11/02 *

Rearward visibility could be an issue, even without the hideous nodding gargoyle in place.

Is it short, or is he tall?

Look, door frames. And you can't really see just how wobbly that roof is either...

* 28/11/02 *

Well haven't we been busy. Hasn't turned out quite as wobbly as expected either, which must be a good thing. All fingerprints have been worn away mind, so now is maybe the time to rob that wag supplier?... That's it now for a few days, and the fridge is stocked with cheery green bottles. Horrah.


* 11/12/02 *

(The side without window frames yet...)

Apart from the blurred image (that'll just be excessive drink), do you spot anything that is not quite right here?

The original plan was to chop it 6 inches all round. Sure enough, there are 6 inches removed from the front screen, but the old rear window is a full 11 and a half inches too tall to fit into the gap. Ahh, that'll do then.

This, Ladies and Gentlemadmen is about as good as ScrapingScrap welding gets. Scary, huh?
What part of the car is this then?


* 8/2/03 *


Ooo, it's so nearly there, but other little weekend projects keep popping up. Just one more weekend needed for welding / grinding / filling. It's then just a case of a new clutch, dash back in and connect up the rear lights. Oh yeah, and make some windows, then it's in for an MOT ready to be driven on a 400 mile round trip for paint. Easy, huh?

Ready for Wheels Day on Good Friday? Hmmm.

* 03/08/03 *

Yeah yeah, been bloody slack. It's been sat down there and not touched for months. But fear not! All is back on stream again. Motorvation is high - well it is after a few Stellas. The roof is now pretty much finished, with just a few bits to fettle around the doorframes etc.
There is actually another motive to get Le Turde finished. Have been offered a 5 litre V8 for the Benz. It has to be done! It will still never be driven above 60mph in the true ScrapingScrap manner, but it will of course have that noise.. Therefore, other transportation is going to be required for a while. Best get busy then...

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