Mmm, luxury! Bought with a set of wires and lpg gas conversion, this has to be the most sensible SSAC motor yet. The wires had to go (they are now proudly propping up the Volvo 164), due to making the Merc so ridiculously undergeared, but 4 inches of ride height has been removed from the front, and 2" from the back. Amazingly, it still gives a super smooth ride, with only the minor problem of an unobtainble full lock from the steering. Guess it's low enough then. 300,000 miles on the clock too. LPG gives it running costs of a mini. This'll be a keeper then...


OK, so once it was juiced, the wires came back... Fantastic car - done nearly 25,000 miles in it this year and only managed to rip off two exhausts and scrape through one sump. Not bad going.
But then, some twat who obviously shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel of a dodgem car, let alone a 7.5 tonne truck drove into it in the car park. "Sorry mate, I didn't see it". You did't see it? It's only the biggest bloody car in the car park.
But it will live on. It has just been purchased by another Scraping Scrap member, complete with hydraulics, and will be patched back together ready for next season.
Notice the puddle of oil under the car. No, that wasn't a result of the damage. That happened the very same morning, whilst being driven at 70mph on full drop. The cats eye hit the sump so hard that the driver got winded as a result! Note to all; resist from driving lowriders on full drop.