C-pillars in place


Goodness, it's starting to take shape

How many roof sections?

Bloody hell, this bit may be interesting to get right. There are curves in all different directions. Back window will be about 2 inches tall. Just about big enough for a ScrapingScrap sticker then... More tomorrow

Before you say anything, the gutter is supposed to be that shape.


It's now got to the stage where we can take photographs without having to hold bits on. The guttering is within a few mm of being true, but huge amounts of panel massaging is still required to line up the roof(s). Nothing another crate of becks won't cure.

Can't be arsed to write anything witty here

By the time all the wag is slapped on, the roof will probably look like a walnut whip. Can you buy brown filler to save buying so much brown paint?

Or here


Seconds after this photo was taken, an enormous slice of toast popped out from the gap.

Something witty should be typed here perhaps?

This is believed to be called a learning curve.


Almost ready for the garlic salt flats?

A fine rust free example


Bloody hell, what is this? An update? Surely not! Well, just a minor one. Had to pluck it out of the garage a few weeks ago for a tidy up. Thought we'd better take the opportunity to snap a few pics. Not much more happened apart from the back window surround now being in place.

But wait! A major update is on the horizon...

It's true, a week off work has been booked at the end of November especially for a toast-a-weld-a-thon. Stay tuned...


Goodness, the week of grindery-weldery action is upon us, and what a fine start to the week... Today has seen two door frames welded into place (harder than it would seem, err it seems...) along with the back near side pillar. Also managed to consume far greater quantities of alcohol than would be deemed safe when operating a grinder. Should get round to posting some pictures tomorrow, but may not.


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