Such a sensible motor


Tempers were lost when the key got stuck for no bloody reason at all in the ignition resulting in a tantrum fuelled angle grinder session to cut the bastard thing off. Will have to show this damned car the error of its ways...

Room for plenty

...but first, refreshment. It's final voyage in 'standard' form, a trip to Tesco for drink to keep our spirits high. And eyesight blurred.


Swig, glug, arrh. Sod this hacksaw, where's the grinder?

Just like the sales brochure

Coo, this is thirsty work. Must pop upstairs and procure something else to quaff.

This may need some wag

Notice the very precise tools in use to align the roof to perfection.

Almost straight

Even though there is less car than before, it seems to be more brown. Good.

What have we done?

Yeah, quite... Loads of work to do, but stay tuned for regularish updates.

Roof Straight?


OK, so the roof wasn't on quite straight. It still isn't, but its only 1mm out now, so that'll do. Just looks bent because of the rot by the hacksaw. B pillars in too. Ooo. More tomorrow (maybe)

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