The Spiflicator

Look out. It's reaching over your fence...


1950 UK Spiflicator

Official sales brochure of 1950 UK spec Spif. Available as "Trembling Thicket" 6 cylinder or the rarer opposed 12 two stroke "Pea Souper".

1964 Spiflicator

All the chrome bits were not on the Spiflicator menu by 1964, they were even having to use old Bedford cabs. However, oddball engineering was still apparent. This model is powered by Spif's in house designed "Quintopowa" 5 cylinder radial. Apparently, on long hills the headlamps would sometimes vibrate round in their sockets.

'77 Spiflicator

One off prototype from 1977 commissioned by Dodgy Bob McMental of Whitechapel. The standard V4 engine was considered to be inadequate, so Spiflicator went ahead with the mind wrenchingly stupid plan of using two of them in an X formation. Ford were rumoured to be pleased that someone else now held the title for Least Reliable Engine.

1950 Spiflicator (US spec.)

Rare photo of US Spif. Lacking the style of their European counterparts, they resorted to reliable engineering and total over the topness.

Our 52 spif with another load of wag for the Renault.

We have just received this exclusive picture from our Dartford correspondent. He enclosed the following text:

"I found this picture in some of my Great Uncle's old photo's. I had no idea that he was once a Spiflicator driver on the banks of the Mississippi, where he loaded parts bound for the Chrysler factory using his specially imported Bedford Spiflicator. Apparently he worked there until he sent a shipment of wings to Austin Rover instead of some unpressed Steel."

Is Albert's mystery now solved?


ScrapingScrap blimp oversees Christmas dinner preparations. Here we see a 1957 tri-spif performing delicate giblet removal procedure.


Rare photo of elektro-spif, apparently not a great success. In spite of weighing in excess of 17 tonnes, it could and would power a small town for several days. Sadly, The Spiflicator factory wired this particular one incorrectly, causing it to attract all manner of scrap metal from miles around, as soon as they switched it on. Unfortunately, the driver neglected to turn this spif off before fleeing for his life, and so it is somewhere in the middle of a huge ball of rusty scrap to this very day.


An unusual beast even by Spiflicator standards. It's a 1975 Tilt-o-matic with the budget cab.Still hard at work on the ScrapingScrap maggot farm.