The Princess

ScrapingScrap's recent interview with ex BL employee Albert Plinth (76), has shed light on some amazing and hitherto unseen prototypes. We feel that we need to let the world see a glimpse of what could have been.



"I rather liked this one", Albert told us "although the management didn't care for it much. They thought it look rather 'racy'. They just laughed in my face when I presented them with a bill for the gold plated wheels".

Sedanca de porn

"I really can't remember much about this project, as it was about this time that my prescriptions got mixed up at the chemists. No-one noticed for about 8 weeks" Albert then leaned forward, fixed us which a uneasy eye and said with a wry smile "but it turned out OK, didn't it!" We agreed, glancing nervously toward the door.

Downtown Princess

BL later claimed that their failings in early Hydragas design were due to the prototype being tested in downtown L.A. Albert recalled gleefully that he just loved looking at all those chrome switches lined up above the heater controls.

Very good, sir

Of course, BL also had their eye on another market altogether with this stretched limo design. Interesting, Albert told us that junior ministers were issued with Princesses in the late 70's. It is unclear why these plans were shelved.


By this stage, our new friend Albert was beginning to slur. Before he fell asleep in his rocking chair, he did let us in on a secret that may or may not have put BL high in the US market had it gone ahead. During talks with Chrysler, a variant of the Princess for the US market was developed. This came about when BL bought a shipment of steel from Chrysler, but accidentally received a large quantity of Chrysler 300 rear wings. Legal proceedings ensued, and the prototype was crushed. Albert did tell us that we should return in a month or so when his friend Doug Flange will also be able to tell us more about these strange, but interesting prototypes. Stay tuned if you can bear it...