Sit up and beg

Four pumps, plenty of batteries and an unhealthy abundance of hydraulic fluid, this Volvo now moves rather quickly. This pic was taken shortly after fitting the rams up front.

Click click whirr whirr click whirr click whirr whirr etc.

It is worth noting here that within a week of this little lot falling into the boot, six points had been won for causing 'distraction to other road users' and 'driving a vehicle in unroadworthy condition'. How rude.

Is this the three wheeler meeting?

Unfortunately, the 3 litre straight six died a noisy and messy death. Picture shows Volvo awaiting that Rover 3.5 V8 sat backstage. The hydros move it so quickly with no engine though...

Now complete with the wires from Benz. The engine crossmember is resting on the floor, and it's still not low enough (apparently). V8 is in the process of being fitted as this is typed. Be warned, this guy owns a body shop and spray booth, so this little Volvo may get out of hand.