Rover V8 Coffee Table / Wine Rack

It's not bad, this one.

This is the inspiration for further Scrapiture developments. We were given this engine complete with all the gaskets, rings and accessories to put it back together. What should it go in? The living room - of course!

It took over 30 hours of cleaning and polishing. A crappy 80's coffee table was sacrificed for the glass and suckers on the pistons. 8 bottles of wine can be added/removed from the bores without touching the glass. They seem to have been removed more than added of late...

Update 18/12/03:

Yep, they are now for sale! After a frankly frightening amount of interest and support, ScrapingScrap is currently building table number four and is open to further orders.

Click here for more details and pictures of our tables.

Also comission work now undertaken.