Introducing 'Sprokett'

There we were, messing about in the garage hitting something or other in the vice with a big hammer, when some sodding great pistons suddenly fell off a shelf onto the workbench with a loud thud. They were hitherto completely forgotten about, but an hour later, and after a bit of random arranging, welding and finding of further metal wierdness, 'Sprokett' was born...

Sprokett is about 4 foot high and is just about too heavy to carry.

Does anyone know what these piston are from?



Um, no idea what this is. It fell out of a Mercedes gearbox. However, if you turn Sprokett's arms, his head rotates at twice the speed in the opposite direction, which is nice...



Moments after this shot was taken, Sprokett decided to fall over onto the photograher, trapping him for several minutes.