Well, the mini dared to fail it's mot on a few minor points (light bulb, brakes, small holes etc.) so it was decided to teach it the error of it's ways. As this is written, the only things still in the car are the back window and rooflining. The boot floor and rear inner arches vanished in an atmosphere of special brew fumes and grinder smoke, the scrap bin raided for metal and a plan failed to appear. Then a strange thing happened, A day off was taken, and spent rolling around in goose shit in the pissing rain, getting covered in sticky-buds. No, it wasn't a pervy extravaganza, there was an attempt to remove a mini auto front subframe out at Harry's. Auto? I hear you ask, well yeah it is a bit odd but this is ScrapingScrap after all where things happen a bit differently (that is if they ever do happen). The list of donor cars for the mini reads like a particularly bad motorway pile up. Minilite wheels and cooper bonnet stripes are not on the menu, sir (but sludge brown paint probably is). That's enough blah for now, check out the pictures for the bluuug

Ah sod it, it got weighed in. However, it is not a complete escape from minis (bloody things), as there is still the two lane blacktop style Riley Elf to be finished. Groan.