12 Estate

An SSAC member had a tastefully coloured metallic green one of these. It wasn't too bad before he decided he wanted to see what it looked like lowered. Trouble is he used a fork lift truck to push down on the roof until it was at the right height. Wasn't so good after that.

Renault 16

We know that rusty motors have their place, but straight, white and slammed would be perfect in this case. Good.

Orange 12

Can't think of anything to write about this one so we'll just put down some random rude and suggestive words... fondle tremble private plunge mount pump penetrate swollen convulse wag?. Slightly worrying how those words were typed without much thought at all. Shall we move on...?

Pencil sharpener

It would be great to turn up at a classic car show in this. The resto buffs would chase us off, cloth caps and sideburns flapping. Stereotypes are great.

Bloody daft

4 (somewhat tweaked). Sorry about the crap quality, but you get the point. Or do you?