Renault 16 Sled

If your jaw hasn't dropped from seeing this motor, then you are in the wrong place. Go and build it now, and report back here when you have done so. Go on then. Finding one with a floor however, may be something of a challenge.

Renault 12

Not many of these left. They were all just far too high. If they sold them at this height, think how many would have been saved. Hmmm... probably not many.

Renault 8 and 10 Gordini

This was a publicity stunt to promote the Renault 8 and 12 Gordini. We decided not to alter this photo as it is perfect as it is. Not sure about the copyright though? Can we use this piccy please Mr Renault?

4 Pick-up

Perhaps this can be used to pick up another shipment of wag so that we can get that roof straight. Nice idea - bit hasty in the implementation. Still, it's only for fun eh?

The 9 line

300 for the motor, 600 for the wires, instant lowrider for under a grand. Torsion bars at the back and struts up front means it'll go bloody low, and if you have another couple of hundred kicking about, air bag the rear for plenty of scraping fun round town.