It's very important to pay full attention to the road when driving at speed.

Meet 'Tina...

The anableps anableps fish has 4 eyes. Or possibly 2 with 2 pupils in each. there has not been time to examine one too closely yet. Anyway this is a nice low cortina. Excuse the wobbly sill, we were very drunk at the time.


This'll do for collecting the spezzy.


This looks ideal for nipping down to halford's for a ton of wag.


We want one. Better still, we want you to build one and then give it to us.

1100 - a few

The more BL stuff in here the better. Someone needs to build one of these - they even come with Saab stud pattern, so 3 spokes a plenty. Cheap. Ugly. Rusty. Cool.

Cartoon Mog

Morris Mushroom.


I'm old. I'm mad. I'm not responsible.

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