ScrapingScrap News

This is the new ScrapingScrap news section. There is the fullest of intentions to keep this bit updated, but as most of you will know by now, beer and laziness always seem to take priority.


First of all, a big thank you to Simon a.k.a. rmad. He has very kindly donated a large amount of web space to ScrapingScrap. Apparently, we are now sat on a very fast server somewhere in London.

We have just come out of the stone(d) age. Oh yes. ScrapingScrap has, up until now, always been written in notepad. But a crash course has just been given in some web editor thingy and the pages now seem to be building themselves. Fantastic!

ScrapingScrap is famous! We've just had a picture of our coffee table (See Scrapiture section) printed in December's Street Machine magazine. Motivation has now appeared to build more automotive ornaments / furniture / crap.


Lordy, it's happened again. A plug for this site in the March 2003 Street Machine mag. Marvelous!