This is the bike that Biohazzard built. Not enough wheels to qualify as a ScrapingScrap motor? Well, it qualifies now that it's been thrown down the road on the odd occasion...

This ScrapingScrap member is actually rather good on his bike, notching up several top finishes this season on his 'graveltrap' tour. However, there has also been the odd three figure spill here and there...

The face had to be blanked out for legal reasons.

Spot the subtle repairs.

A bit of filler, and no one will know

The true ScrapingScrap spirit.

If you know anything about bikes, you only need to look at this picture to know just how fast this bike goes around corners.

Biohazzard is currently hobbling around on crutches after getting badly high-sided on the last race of the season. The trouble is that he just doesn't learn, and is already talking about next season. Madness.

Take a peep at Biohazzards own race web site by clicking here...



We have just found out that BioHazzard has won a coveted award for his exploits on, and sometimes off the track.

In his own words:

"The trophy is awarded initially by the nomination of a senior club official and subsequent election.

It's awarded to the person or sidecar team that has had a significant amount of driving misfortune but still carried on regardless. Hence, The Stumble Trophy.

In my case, 10 meetings at 5 circuits and I managed to visit the tarmac on my head at all 5 circuits.

The scrutineers had even reserved me a place in the scrute bay as I was such a regular visitor.

I am so proud, it's the biggest and heaviest trophy awarded."

Yes, Biohazzard is still hobbling about the place, but will be back on his bike complete with new ScrapingScrap stickers for more insanity next season. Well done, Sir.