Keep on churning 'em out

Scrapingscrap HQ running at full steam.

Dr Wag in the west wing

Our open plan Offices.

ScrapingScrap buildings

The full majesty of our incredibly expensive offices. No costs are cut to bring you this quality web site.

The outhouse

Possibly about the time that the cesspit was emptied.


Another delivery of filler arrives at SSAC HQ.

The president of the board

An exclusive peek at top level management discussions taking place

Washing up liquid experiment

Have you ever wondered how the folk from ScrapingScrap clean their paws after a long day swearing and cursing under rusty shite? Here is the answer... Washing up liquid. This photo was taken recently during an evening of experimentation. No less than 4 different colours of washing liquid were used in this research. Didn't taste as good as it looked. Hmm.


Objects to be found inside SSHQ.


Never wear sandals when lighting a barbeque.


Occasionally there is the odd slippery customer to be dealt with here at SSACHQ.

Like Rolls Royce, ScrapingScrap send out inconspicuous assistance should one of their clients suffer the inconvenience of a breakdown.