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You are a bunch of sick puppies !! Keep up the good work, it's just what the custom scene needs !!! REMEMBER !! It's not a matter of getting down, more a question of how low you can go !!! Can't look at the photos of that van anymore, I feel ill. (Po)

This is simply the best web site of this content that I have come across. Thank you. (name witheld)

Brilliant site. Just.....Brilliant. (A. Leighton)

Your page is a merky dingleberry in the dung heap that is the Worlds Worst Waste. Wicked. PS the unity site updates sort of online in all its horror ! www.unity.outride.com (Jon Sanderson)

Jesus Whats wrong with you, You'll be telling me next your putting time and effort into a Yamaha Town-mate, Good god alive, put these childish things behind you. The thrill from a cringe prompted by a perferated Allegro in Primer red coulours harbering only minute porportions of a once crap exhaust only last so long . Grow up and buy yourselves a nice MK II Transit campervan Crawling round wilture at a ruthless 16 to the Galon eh? Now there's style boys ... what eh??? (Sarah)

monkey monkey, fish fish. nice website guys. i want a stupid lookin micra. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Stuart Parkinson)

I am the owner of an Austin 1100/1300 and totaly disagree with what you say on your web site. I feel that if they were so bad as you say then we would not be able to find orginal ones then would we?? Further more its not good to take the Mickey out of cars that I am sure you got carried around in. (Michael Turner)

Touch a nerve did we?

Truly Brilliant site (Alex Bouton) www.loveableallegro.co.uk

Not sure if he was referring to our site or his, but check his out anyway. Enough to turn any stomach...

F-ing quality site man. When I get "Practical Classics" I always go for the 'Rust In Peace' page first. There's one of a mint Triumph Dolomite with it's roof smashed in by an old lichen covered Moggy Minor on top. Bastards. They probably only did it cos it was yellow. Anyway, hope to see more pics soon - an make 'em big. I think the two cars you described as "Two fine examples of Britain's motoring heritage" are an Allegro Vanden Plas and Princess. Am I right or am I right. Cheers, Paul

Well chap's it's good to see that the lost and once grand, have a champion in the form of you bunch of sick c***s. I mean that in the most pleasurable and moist way. Thankyou from my the bottom of my siezed big end, oh how my ingrained lichen and moss colonys trembled as the full glory of your cut and thrust Sherpa standing so errect and proud hurteled in to me . I've got to go and rub my rusty valves as I've just caught site of Lowville Holiday rolling porn!!!!....oh.....oh.....oh.oh.oh.oh.oh.oh...... .....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..that's it polished off. Oh how my mind races back to my halcion days in my Colin V.W. passat estate 1600- the Golden Brick....rest in peace oh bilge of the road, having sat festerring on parents drive for a year I finally hosed out the inside sealed the bugger up and then promptly forgot to sell it . Three months latter the Jim hensons workshop of mold muppets, had taken possetion of the cave like interior. As silver fish swarmed through the once opulent carpet I realised I had made a good and small miriacle to sell it for 50 in the end. Oh my god the full horror of this........ this rusty orgytastic automotive shot in the dark. I now have a life thankyou. I sall send more buggered and sliced fossils your way..... Andy S.

I'm a bit lost for words really, enough to turn anyone's stomach! Your van is a touch on the crazee side. All I long for now is a bizarre old car that looks like it's suspension has collapsed, covered in fake zebra fur. hmmm........... (Tony Balony)

Dammit dammit dammit dammit!! I was overtaken recently by a vehicle identical to this on the M69 recently. Darn. ALso, it shouldn't be juiced. Or maybe it should. It is sort of already. Why not let half of the fluid stuff out? or let the tyres down. or fit rostyles!!! Green perspex windows? 10" white wellers? Or something. Cheers, though, some seriously badass cars here. I laughed a lot when i first saw it. Deffo one of the best sites ive seen, purely for the Jeez! factor. Well done!! Steve Warner

ACE site boy! All them pretty little rusty cars.... a tie-dye interior could be good? Maybe a bit of wobbly hand painted art work?... Fuck the sausages are on fire! (Christoff's Little Sister)

At last someone has seen the true potential in 1970s Renaults. Why has this not been done before? I cannot understand. Dunno why you bothered fcuking around with that 9 though... roofchopping and slamming a 30GTX though, that'd be fun. Hmm... those two scrap 4s in the garden... hmm... and the Dyane in the driveway... hmm...

Dear sir, Up until today I have never had an experience that's really worthy of this column. M. p.s. bollocks

Fancy a scrapingscrap.com tourbus? (Dan)

Thats it boys, grab yer angle grinders, chop them springs, make the bumper touch the asphalt. Thats what we like to see!! Keep it low........ Nick Taylor

This site is wicked, I have to say,it pretty much sums up my taste in motors! but livin over here in Ireland none of me mates or anyone at all really understands my taste in motors. I lived in the UK for 5 years studing Car Design in Coventry, I grew up in V-dubs an my mates in uni were all gettin into the aircooled scene around about the same time, 7 of us in the same class had flatfours, the 3 in my house had buses! even the complete frontend from a 76 bay pickup I scrapped was our TV stand in the living room. At the shows we developed a taste for slammed gnarly ole dubs, you know the sort, red oxide or better again, grey primer, cracked filler, bodged repais, racing strips, stingers an plenty of attitude, all slammed on a wicked set of wheels. Instead of doin the show'n'shin we'd be cruisin the campsites for this stuff! Soon after, I did my first RTTS, along with some RWYBrungs an started to get a taste for american stuff and even more so for Brit gangster style cars like slammed mercs, jags an early fords, now with juice takin off, (how many juiced cars are on the tv these dayz?) I'm missin the scene in the Uk an all the shows! I drove a 79 Baypanel in Uni an bought the 76 pickup, which was rotten but, slammed on 17ins Anthera 121's, runnin a 3L FordV6 for 200. Istill regret it coz the pickup could have been so cool, but I cut it up, sold everything an lowered my van with the beam from it. When I came back to Ireland in 2000, the van got parked up coz insurance cant be had on ole vans, Tax an insurance are abit mad over here, 18 year olds on 1L cars are payin 4000+, my sister, 22 on a 97 1.4 polo is payin 2500, an tax is done on cc so big ole mercs are out of the question, 800 a year for tax!!! Anyway I pulled the van out to ave a look at it after 9 month an it was rotten, so I decided to get a Beetle, an to beat the system, put in a big engine an insure it as a classic! after its 30years old, cheap insurance, 50 tax an mot exempt! Old cars are scarce here after the government introduced a scrapage scheme, where you get 1000 from them if you scrap your car an get abrand new one, this was matched by the dealers so 2000 for your old clapped out metro traded against a brand new car! Irish people think that a car is old its worth something, no matter what the condition, also noone restores cars here an repairs are filler an cornflakes packets, the best i could do was a 71 1200a an it looked good till I took the body off! Some guy heard I was doin the bug and had a 72 1300 with a baja kit he wanted taken away so I ended up with 2 projects, the baja was to be a run around while I built the 71 but coz their a bit cheezy an if I was goin to be drivin a Baja it would have to be a bit gnarly so I ended up pullin it to pieces, bad move! Now I've 2 bare shells, one body of the pan an full of rust, I've got fed up of lookin for a decent merc or similar to drop to use as a daily driver ( they're either too dear or in need of major repairs) Ive just bought a 91' 1.6 diesel golf, its black, fsh, one lady owner from new, taxed an tested till end of may an all for 300 quid, all I'll do to it is cut the springs, debadge it an maybe attack it with a can of matt black or grey primer so it dont look like its somfin from Maxxy P! I'll let you know how I get on an send you some picks of my projects, past an previous! Tsar P.s Whats the chance of havin an Irish contingent of Scrapingscrap!

Hey Do you know of any Ruston Bucyrus 10 with face showel still exsisting? Pleace answer Peter

Err, no.

This next picture was sent to us by Silviu Preoteasa. That's it, no message - just this pic. It was huge - nearly a 2meg jpeg! Cool.

here's a sneaky photo of the 5inch narrowed beam and my current rear light project - i'll scan and email the valance and low shots tomorrow. ollie

sorry to hassle you but here is the pics of my front valance. i dont yet run hydros but will have to if i drive it anywhere but my road!! (Ollie)

Dear Mr Scrapman, My 1980 Polo, Maroon in colour and should be slammed lower than a snakes belly in the near future! I will be keeping it basic and smoothing it smoother than a smooth thing in Smoothsville. Well as smooth as a 80 Polo can be. With a set of GTI steel wheels and low profile (cheepo remould) tyres. Please let me know if this sounds like your bag and if I am worthy of a ScrapingScrap sticker. I promise to try and blag a Digi Camera and get a photo as soon as. Cheers Scuba Steve

Hi scrapers, I found this guys site by accident and have been inspired. www.dynopower.freeserve.co.uk/nitrous_oxide/ I am in the process of putting a 2.3 Vauxhall Magnum coupe back on the road. It might just have to be dropped. In the meantime I am going to get a humble Montego Estate. Have you ever dropped one of them? Just think, low monty estate with nitrous!!?? Like the site, Nick Laing.

Hello, If I keep writing to you eventually you'll either... A) Hire someone to kill me B) Mention me on your site So, I've got a lowered Lada and now I'm dreaming of juice. Check the pics at www.superjohn.org.uk/ladpics.htm Keep it up, John.